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hrmm.. so on "little monsters" Gaga is doing a thing where you submit your designs.. here are two I've just done. I get so anxious about drawing designs for Gaga because it's overwhelming.. you can do anything. total wtf.

left: It's a take on her Fame fragrance bottle, a lot of others were doing it so I thought I'd give it a go. It's like a fame viper. All golden and pretty, it distracts you but then gobbles you up. The torso bit is supposed to be an open snake mouth with the fangs and stuff. I'm surprised Gaga hasn't done anything snake related before, in Greek mythology there's Echidna [link](mythology) who is the mother of all monsters and she's half woman/half snake. So yeah, the snake theme is inspired by her. I think I might redraw this because I don't know, it's kind of basic. The back is like a black see-through train, because the fragrance is black but turns clear once air born and yeah. Oop.

right: this is just called jellyfish. a little while ago when Gaga got hit on the head and went to the doctors, she joked the doctor said she has a jellyfish in her head. I did a little drawing based on that.. but it didn't turn out very well but she was wearing a jellyfish dress and yeah, this is another version of it. It seems a bit too girly for Gaga though. idk.


I'll probably do some more
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