Typhon Picture

Function: Commander
Primary Weapon: Pincer Blades
Transformation: T-Rex/Megalodon Fuzor

Though Echidna was programmed as a leader-class unit, after several confrontations with the Maximals of Mt. Olympus, she found her combat-savvy somewhat lacking, and determined that she needed someone to take charge and make decisions when she and her progeny were in battle.

She sifted through Waspinator’s stored stasis-pods until she found that of her would-have-been security officer, conveniently reprogrammed as a Predacon by Magmatron’s conversion signal. She set to work on it, upgrading the protoform’s basic structure as much as she could with her limited resources, and programming in one of her masterpieces of genetic engineering – a seamless fusion of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Megalodon.

When finally activated, Typhon more than fulfilled his intended role. He was even larger and stronger than Echidna, and his combat proficiency out-shined that of every other Predacon on the team. Perhaps most importantly, his imbedded rank/duty programming made him instinctively loyal to Echidna, who would have been his superior officer were they both Maximals.

Much to Waspinator’s chagrin, Echidna was extremely attracted to the very masculine Typhon, and Typhon, driven by his innate loyalty to her, reciprocated her interest. Typhon became Echidna’s second in command, and her consort.

Strengths: Typhon is a powerful and skilled warrior, and a highly capable combat tactician. In robot mode, his tail becomes a shield and set of razor-sharp pincer blades, while his beast-mode head remains accessible as a weapon. In beast-mode, Typhon is equally at home on land or in the sea, moving at up to 40mph in either environment. His jaws are spectacularly powerful, and his extraordinarily sharp, serrated teeth, are immediately replaced when left lodged (painfully) in an opponent’s armor. His sense of smell is paralleled only by those of Cerberus and Orthrus, and his ability to sense electrical fields gives him an added edge when fighting other Cybertronians. In either mode, he can use atmospheric accelerators in his beast-mode's throat to blast enemies with hurricane speed winds.

Weaknesses: Though brilliant in the realm of military tactics, Typhon is not at all proficient in the realm of strategy, and his propensity to lead from the front, though inspiring, often places him in an unsuitable position to issue orders to his troops in the midst of a dynamic battlefield. Typhon has no manual dexterity in beast-mode. As a check against any potential treachery on Typhon’s part, Echidna made him deathly allergic to Waspinator’s cyber-sting.
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