Halloween 09 Bad Ending pic Picture


Yep, the final concluding chapter in our thrilling Halloween epic is finally finnished, we now get to find out what happens to the sides of good and evil as they duke it out in all out magical war!

In this, the final split chapter (we made 2, one good and one bad, as we couldn't decide on a true ending, we'll let you make up which one is right XD ) we see the 'good' witch erica battle the 'evil' mother of all monsters, Chai Den (or Echidna if your into your mythology) in a fight to the finnish!

Incase your wondering what happens to each character, heres a mini sum up:

Chai Den: Becomes supreme conqueror of the earth, with nothing to stop her and her army of minions
Erica: Is hideously transformed as the looser of the battle into Chai Den's personal robotic dragoness transport.
Carla: Permenantly transformed into a stone gargoyle werewolf golem henchman for Chai Den
Melissa: Permenantly remains as Chai Den's robotic guard
Cliff: Rooted into the grounds of Chai Den's mansion in the centre of the city, used with Maria to patrol the grounds from possible attackers
Claire: Demented plush zombie teddy bear
Hazel: Chai Den's chief consort and jester gremlin, in charge of ordering the other monsters around
Maria: An electrified stinger jellyfish monster and bodyguard for Hazel
Michelle: Chai Den's elite guard hound
Jessie: Chai Den's garden bug that lives in her dungeon, likes to play with cliff when he's patroling the grounds.
Erin, Jaz and Jennifer: Become three twinned golems and elite assasins for her cause, erin is an ice golem, jaz is a paper golem and jenni is a cloak golem.
Tina: Lives in Chai Den's mutated lake, used to ensnare any crosses or trespassers
Kerrigan: Inflated to a humungous blimp and used for Chai Den's long range transport across her new relm.

We hope you enjoy this final dark chapter in our halloween story!
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