Mother of all Sins - SDS Pride Picture

Pride- an excessive belief in oneself

Pride is said to be where all the other sins originate.

Arachne was a great weaver in Greek mythology, and people used to say they thought the goddess Athena had taught her. Athena is the goddess of Wisdom, Warfare and Weaving. Arachne would get infuriated by the comments and ultimately challenged the goddess to a contest. Athena was in awe at Arachne's tapestry and went into a fit of rage. She tore the tapestry to shreds and touched Arachne's head to instill guilt. Arachne only felt depression and ashamed and hung herself from a tree. Feeling remourse for Arachne, Athena brought her back in the form of a spider. That's where the word Arachnid originates.

In my painting, Arachne is half spider, slicking back her hair with vanity and pride. Her work behind her, a web in a cave of webs. She is supposed to be a black widow but when I drew on the symbol it looked retarded.I really like the mute tones to it, it's all implied with a lot of highlights. Really fun to do... Even though my Echidna/ Gluttony is gray too I like that there are a lot of differences between the two. [Note- She has 8 legs two are off of the page]

Oil on Wood
10.5 x 16
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