Unbound: Hrungnir Picture

(Note: This is a lore attempt to help bring in Sonic the Black knight stuff as King Arthur once fought a giant but the giant was never named)

Name: Hrungnir

Average height: 50 Feet

Average lifespan: 130 years

Military technology:

Currency: Golden Shields (Equivalent: 0.80 Midgard Credit standard currency)

Culture: They were berserker warriors with no desire for conquest or interaction with any other culture. They don’t bother with it because of their size and their ability to master runes. They are masters of forging melee weapons and haven’t bothered with military technology beyond this. It hasn’t been necessary. Their sheer size, strength and ability to use ‘magic’ runes make them near invincible in battle. There are good farmers and their elite spend most of their time in study of runes in service of their god, Woden.
They are good monster hunters as well. The world is teaming with Ifrit creatures and their warriors often go out to venture the world in search of them to kill and return with the trophies.

Religion: Woden is a forge god who, according to Hrungnir, dwells deep in the earth and his kingdom borders the fiery realm of Iblis. Using Iblis’ fires, he forges the metal pillars that holds up the world. Using the forging process, Skeilion used the runes, the form of writing that was used to create the world itself. Woden achieved this knowledge by sacrificing one of his eyes to Iblis.
These runes when put together in the right order, the Hrungnir believe, can perform various tasks.
Woden’s worship involves the forge and when a boy Hrungnir comes of age, he makes his first sword and engraves it with his first rune in offering to Woden. The god is known by other names elsewhere but the most well known of which is his title in the far east; ‘Merlin’.

Military Force:

Most Hrungnir men are members of their local militia but the backbone of their army comes from the Lokken Honor Guard, the most elite infantry on the face of Earth Second. Every soldier wears armor protected by runes, hammered in during the forging and they are all skilled with Rune magic taught to them by their Djinn allies in the ancient war.

History: Hrungnir are giants, humans warped by Chaos eons ago into huge forms for his entertainment in battle. They battled with the Echidna’s empire for eons until the Echidna’s were nearly destroyed by Perfect Chaos. When the remaining echidna’s retreated to their northern strongholds, the now freed Hrungnir attacked them hoping to wipe them out. The Echidna’s raised their stronghold into the air and the Hrungnir have up, not being able to fly.
It was not long after this that the expanding humans and cats drove them out of Jotunheim so that now they live only with the smaller region of Alfheim.
General war waged between the humans and the Hrungnir until the Orcs invaded Soleanna and Midgard. The Hrungnir allied themselves with the humans and drove them back during the War of Scattered Bones.
This alliance earned a cease fire and the giants have dwelled in the far north, although they still want to retake the lost territory.
When Robotnik began his war to conquer the western continent, he tried to invade Jotunheim and Alfheim, to crash the Hrungnir from whom the doctor sensed a threat. This mechs, while having superior technology, were no match for the Hrungnir’s brute strength and were driven back. The Hrungnir would have pursued his army back but then Ragnarok occurred and they were the ones forced into retreat in order to shield themselves from the radiation.


Clan Blackhammer: The Warriors from this clan are reputed to be the strongest, focusing on raw strength rather than speed or rune magic. They are also near unrivaled smiths. Their capital city is Ravenroost and their leader is Snadmund.

Clan Ebonyblade: This clan is the clan of scholars. They often boast about their rune magic and their studies into combinations of runes to produce new affects. Their capital city is called Maldin-Bastion and their leader is called Thonronr.

Clan Ivoryscale: This clan dwells on the coast and makes its living by farming and fishing. There are better merchants and traders than warriors but they know a unique form of rune magic that allows their boats to endure even the harshest of storms. Their leader is Heddvild. Their capital is called Pearl. (F)

Overall, the clans are ruled by a high king who oversees them all from his walled fortress of Castle Lokken. His name is Dagljot and by tradition he is their strongest warrior.
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