Hydra Picture

The Hydra was a beast which lived in the swamps near the ancient city of Lerna in Argolis. It terrified the vicinity for many years, for it would emerge to devour local cattle and villagers. Like many other important creatures in Greek myth, the Hydra was the offspring of Typhon and Echidna. This terrifying creature had the body of a serpent and many heads, up to a hundred depending on different versions of myths, though it was generally portrayed with nine. If any of these heads were cut off, one or two more would grow in its place. Also, one of the Hydra’s heads was invincible and immune to attacks from any weapon. The stench of this monster’s breath was fatal to man or beast. However, Heracles managed to defeat this beast as one of his twelve labors. After he cut off each head, he burned the wounds with fire so that new heads could not grow in, and he tore off the invincible head and buried it deep in the ground, placing a huge rock on top.

I really like this picture, but man, drawing something with that many heads can get a little complicated!

Anyway, I've still got quite a few creatures left to do for the project, but I'm gettin' there. I've got two weeks anyway, I just am excited about it and want to work on it now.
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