It's called candy Picture

Safiro: KOVATÄ!!!! * yells at the moon* OwO!!!

Kovatä: * perks head from the moon boredly and moody* what!?

Safiro: Duuuude!! You must taste these!! * shows a little cream coloured ball*

Kovatä: Bite me * turns his back to Safiro*

Safiro: =7= Kooooovaaaaatäaaaa this is awesome!! trust me!!

Kovatä: Fine... ¬¬ * pouts and floats down to Safiro, crosses arms* what do you bloody want?

Safiro: * shows him the candy* It's called candy OuO taste it

Kovatä: * frowns with curiosity* taste? * picks the little ball* ......

Safiro: Dude it's awesome! nothing like that exists in our land!

Kovatä: * noms it in one bite* hmmm??

Safiro: OuO Dude

Kovatä: * smiles* ^ ^ that is so?

Safiro: OuO dude, I know right?

Kovatä: * claps happily* ^w^!!!

Safiro: OuO Dude..... what do you think?

Kovatä: *nods happy* that is so!~ I want more! * holds Safiro by the top*

Safiro: this world has plenty! OuO dude! let's go take some more! they all have different taste and shapes! * walks to the candystore*

Kovatä: * follows Safiro content*
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