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Base: [link]

I was bored so I look'd for a base and used it ^^. The characters in here are Fan characters. They are:

Zack ( brown hair grey eyes) My character, an Heroic and slighty show off Guy. He'll take "the hero" place whenever's needed.

Sparkle ( Red hair, Purple eyes ) My character, A responsable leader, Fuhrer of the Armed Island Crystal. He can go from responsable and acertive to a violence mess.

Cp. Volsky ( Grey hair, Yellow eyes) Captain of a certain secret agency, he works for the goubernament aswell.

Renata ( Orange Hair Pink/Purple eyes) Spy, she does the tought work, works for Volsky's agency. She says she regrets nothing.

Solar ( Yellow hair, green eyes) Kikaethecheetah's character, He's a good singer, Guardian of the Sun. He'll be the cool guy but don't mess with him or else.

Victor ( Golden Hair, Blue eyes) My character. Ex-Hero type. Now Pirate, comrade of the Pirate captain Arthur ( Kikae's char aswell XD)

Sasha ( Platino/Purple hair Green/ yellow stripe eyes) My character. Mad scientist, Has worked for too many different agencys and also other places. Loves vodka and ladies.

Kovatä ( White hair, Purple eyes, Horned) My character. Brother of Solar and Sorrow, Son of the universe ( all of them Kikae's ) Proud and cocky god, Loves to cause messes and get into everyone's nerves, needs constant care and attention.
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