Kovata Picture

This is my new Sonic fan char!~

His name's Kovatä, he's god of the moon and inmotal. ( or almost? )

His Brother is Solar the hedgehog ( The character belongs to Kikaethecheetah )

Kovatä's nature is quiet and calm, just like the moon. He barely does something because he loves to spend more time admiring the world than moving it. But he has other big traits, he is very conceited and spoiled, he gets bored easily and he often looks for the fun in a bad way. He loves to escape into the living world ( Sonic's planet) and mess with the mortals, His believing of superiority often makes other people get mad. He doesn't feel any respect for mortal creatures since he thinks they're insignificant, but deep inside he is fascinated by them.

He might act very harsh and rude whenever he talks, he feels with the right to. But he is very shy, being in a unconfortable where he isn't the leading one is his worst weak.
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