Mortasheen - Bunyip Picture

"Monotreme Vampire"


The result of either a platypus or echidna overtaken by vampirism, this amphibious monster is rarely seen, preferring to remain in its underground chamber until its thirst for blood overpowers its love of sleep. With its telekinetic field, it silently "swims" in a comical paddling through the air, tracking prey for miles with an electrical system in its beak-like snout. This same system can be turned into a defense mechanism at a moment's notice, discharging an explosive, flying orb of electricity that the creature can steer with its mind. It feeds through its thin but strong tongue, lined with microbarbs that drill through flesh and deliver a natural anaesthetic.

When out of electricity, spurs in the Bunyip's hind legs can deliver a paralyzing sting.


I don't usually like borrowing mythological terms to name these, unless I can combine them with some other word, but "Bunyipire" didn't roll right and "Platypire" left out Echidnas.

I almost called it DIDGERIDOOM, but that'd just be equating an australian animal with an australian instrument for no reason, like if an Australian came up with a Bald eagle monster named Texasoar that fires hamburger rays.

I'm sure they wouldn't mind "Bunyip." A platypus is nature's Bunyip anyway.
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