Caduceus Picture

I have been interested in the various symbols throughout the world and its history for about as long as I have been interested in mythology. What I particularly take an interest in is the ability to adopt these symbols and give new meaning to them, while still being true (to an extent) to the original source material.

There is yet another comic project I have in mind that I have been slowly but surely developing that is in many ways an example of just that. Although I don't plan on giving any details on the project itself, I will say that this representation of the Caduceus is in a sense an extension to that project. I feel that world-building will be essential and so a number of future art pieces may attempt to encapsulate some of the major characters and other narrative elements I plan to merge together to form a more complex mythos.

Once physical progress has been made on this project, I'll be sure to put a notice up about somewhere here on my DA.

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