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NOTE: Just like all the other comic/arts I do these are based on the ORIGINAL JAPANESE VERSION. Therefore there are some differences in the names in comparison to the English dub.

The cover.

This is a side story within the main story. It takes place right before the tests begin in the Doom Dimension.

I gathered some info about the soldiers’s origin in case you’re interested. They all appear in myths and stories:

Fafnir: is a dwarf who can transform into a dragon in Norse mythology. In Eglish, his name was changed as Apollonier.

Oberon: Oberon appears in other literature as well but is best known from Shakespeare’s play “Midsummer night’s Dream” as the Fairy King Oberon. His consort the Fairy Queen is Titania. For some reason, the Bakugan Oberon is given a man’s name even though she’s a female. In the English version she was called as “Overon” (The Japanese pronounce “B” as “V” and that’s why they changed it this way) but she’s mostly called as Oberus.

Lars Lion: A Lar is a Roman deity who protects houses and other places.

Exedra: Unknown, but it’s possible the name originates from “Echidna” from Greek mythology. She was however a female and called the mother of all monters. She was said to be a Drakaina, female dragon, with human-like features. Exedra the bakugan however resembles very much the real Hydra from Greek mythology.

Clayf: He’s a Shakōkidogū figure from Japan’s prehistoric times. They’re even called as clayfs because they’re often made out of clay.

Frosch: Means “frog” in German. I’m not sure but it sounded like he was called “Frost” in the English version… or then I remember wrong….
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