I took them all home Picture

haha XD It's all of the adopts I've done ÓuÒ they're now Kovï's pets XD

Well since I'm not good drawing those I will tell you what they supposedly are and what they'll be from now on ;D

-> Black glowing two tailed wolf

He was born from one of Tsodim's lightnings when Kovatä tricked him to go to the limits's forest to meet a certain elf who would supposedly make him stronger. It was a trick because Kovatä had met early with that certain elf and he was only doing a dare, the dare the elf gave to Kovatä was for Kovatä to bring the strongest of his subordinates and if they could beat Kagmar the snake with dragon head that elf would give one of his daughters to Kovatä. Since Kovi didn't had any he lied to Tsodim (god of strenght ) and took him there.
When Tsodim was thrown into the dragon's volcano he had to fight for his life but fortunally defeated the beast and managed to get out. He was in rage, he swang his axe to cut Kovatä's head but Kovatä dodged the hit, causing Tsodim to accidentally cut the elf instead, the elf turned into diamond pieces as he was touched the the god's axe, to pay for his actions Kovatä picked the pieces and ran away so Tsodim's fury would not kill him.
He made a necklace with the diamond pieces and gave it to Tsodim, the magic of the elf diamonds finished making Tsodim more strong and he forgave Kovi. But Kovatä had saved one of the pieces, that lately turned out to be an egg and since it was hiden into Kovatä's bed, with the warm of every night the egg could suvive until it broke and from that egg this wolf was born.

-> Trojan Wyvern ( Species created by
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