Pokemon Omega Version Picture

The player takes the role of one of the twins, Adam and Talia, who have just turned 10 years old. They have received the approval of their parents Bern and Amber to get their first Pokémon. Professor Sequoia agrees to let them have one of the starters Squeecorn, Stryger or Verquana... if they can find them hidden in the garden behind the lab. They are joined by their friend and rival Donald.
The player engages in the Pokémon league challenge and takes on the 8 gyms of the Hageto region. During their travels, they learn that the harbors have been set aflame, keeping the region's firefighters busy. In the capital, Helium City, many prison inmates have been released, which keeps the police force busy. These actions are caused by team Luciper's plot to take over the region, which the player unwillingly becomes part of.
The leader of Team Luciper, Leto, forces the player to capture the Chimera trio in exchange for the safety of the region's royal family. Once they are all captured, the player is called to the Chloride City bridge to summon the powerful Echidna. Leto attempts to use the beast but is overwhelmed by its power. The player in response, challenges Echidna to a battle.
When the battle ends, the player is brought back to the palace to take out the invading members of Team Luciper. Once Leto is defeated, he will retreat through a trap door, allowing the player to continue their Pokémon league challenge. After obtaining all 8 badges, they will challenge the elite four and champion. If they succeed into defeating them all, they will be crowned the new champion. As a side quest, the rampage of Echidna will cause the Survival Quartet to roam the Hageto region.

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