What is an Echidna? Picture

I have a feeling that alot of you don't know what an Echidna is. Well, here's a picture of a real echidna next to the most famous echidna, Knuckles. Echidnas are part of a group called "monotreme", a type of mammal that lays eggs and produces milk. They're native to Australia and New Guinea and are named after an Ancient Greek monster of mythology, the Mother of all Monsters (hard to believe, huh?). They are also known as "spiny anteaters" and eat ants and termites.... just like an anteater. They also share the same eating habit that Anteaters and Pangolins have, using their long tounges to catch their prey. There's also stuff about the mating, but I'm NOT going there. So, that's an echidna. Pretty surprising if you ask me.

Credit for Knuckles the Echidna goes to
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