Glutton For Punishment Picture

Gluttony- The desire to over indulge

Echidna is the "mother of all monsters." She and Typhon had all monster spawn that were major in greek mythology. The word Echidna in greek means "she-viper." She has the face and torso of a beautiful woman and the body of a serpent. She was a monstrous creature who lived in a cave and ate raw flesh, in a hollow cave under a rock, and lured people in with her beautiful face, and then enjoyed devouring them. In some mythology, she wanted to kill Hercules for killing all of her monstrous children.

My echidna is licking an intestine, and I used Eva Longoria for the model because she's the hottest woman in the world! I didn't plan on her having a corset on like the reference but In the end after painting in metal bras, i thought that the corset looked better. She was a tough one she was painted so many times XD then I figured out what I wanted to do with her. Made the background simple, and somewhat blurry to create an effect. The intestine was an awesome idea to play with, it creeped everyone out from the initial sketch.

Oil on Panel
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