Two-headed Guard Dog Picture

Humm humm. =w=
I wandered across my gallery [yes, I do that sometimes], and realised I still hadn't drawn Orthrus's doggy form... And I felt like drawing him, so, yah, I drew him. =w=

So, yes. Orthrus, a two-headed monster dog, one of the monstrous children of Echidna and Typhoon, he's the guard dog of the herd of red oxen, owned by Geryon.
Before anyone says anything, yes, his legs are supposed to be thick, he's a friggin' wide-shouldered, giant monster dog..! Whose heads could probably be bigger compared to the body, but this just adds to the... Bigness of his body? |D
Those things on his necks are like... Magical shackles that Deimos put on him. Human!Orthrus has them on his wrists.
And yes, his tongues are randomly orange. |D
And his coloring still makes him look more like a wolf than a dog~

Orthrus is a character from Greek mythology, but this Orthrus is my own chara, which was inspired by the mythology counterpart. Blah blah.
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