You amuse me, mortal. Picture

Echidna - The Ageless Nymph, the Mother of all Monsters. Wife of Typhon, and Guardian of the Vineyard.

Echidna has always fascinated me most of any of the greek pantheon. More often, she is described as a nymph with two snake tails instead of legs, but has also been referred to as a shape-changer.

Echidna is said to be the mother of the Lernaen Hydra, Cerberus, the Caucasian Eagle, the Gorgon, the Colchian Dragon, Scylla, and the Teumessian Fox.

Of her dragon-wing, I wanted to utilize some of the same colors as aged bronze would have...I adore the contrast of bright gold, musty moss green, and oxidized teal speckles.
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