Mythical creatures Picture

Characters for my current job - kinda educational comercials about mythology.

(left to right)
1 row: Gorynich (three-headed dragon), Griffin (apparently he's russian too), Kikimora (tricky spirit of the house), Leshiy ("forest man", spirit of the woods), Opletay ("twiner"), Poludnitsa ("midday lady"), Shilikun (tiny thieving imp), Nightingale the Robber (he can whistle realy hard), Vodyanoi ("water man", spirit of rivers), Wurdalak (undead vampire), Vytianka ("howling lady", she mourns the unduried)

2 row: Echidna (sexy snake-lady), Chimera, Stimfalide (bird with razor-sharp feathers), Empusa (vampire), Gamadryad (girl inside the tree), Harpy, Hydra, Siren, Cerberus, Medusa

3 row: Otoroshi (temple guardian), Jere-Gumo (spider lady), Jubokko (man-eating tree), Konaki-jiji (old giant disguised as a crying child), Bake-neko (kinda were-cat), Tengu (spirit of battle)
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