Pokemon Fusion 9 SERDEVOIRE (Gardevoire+Serperior) Picture

Only one organization could create such abominations and bring them about the world…Yes, Team Rocket is by and large responsible for the genetic modifications and birth of Pokemon fusions! During the Mewtwo project, a rogue sect of the development team went about to utilize Team Rocket’s vast resources and funds to entertain their dark visions. As if Mewtwo wasn't enough, these scientists continued to splice genetic codes from their already large collection of specimen to create a new set of abominations…And this is one of them.

Serperior + Gardevoire
The Gorgon Pokemon
Type: Grass + Fairy
Ability: Arena Trap/Intimidate
Height : 4' 9" (At current form)
Weight 345 lbs.


Drain Kiss
Leaf Storm
Giga Drain


When the arrogant yet elegant nature of a Serperior meets the calm and graceful Gardevoire, the abomination known as Serdevoire is born. This Pokemon finds its new form both beautiful and grotesque, and switches between loving and loathing its form in bipolar fashion. Largely Serperior in nature, the Gardevoire elements are used in both appearance and ability. This fusion brings out the Fairy element that was recently discovered in Gardevoire, subduing its psychic ability to an extent. It is still able to learn psychic moves, however.

Serdevoire's long snake like body is able to keep itself coiled up, and stay covered by its flowing long dress, which is able to extend or retract itself at will. From the back, unsuspecting trainers may believe the creature looks like a Gardevoire, a rare find in the wild. When they discover that the creature is actually a Serdevoire, the pokemon retracts the white cloth like material and reveals its actual snake form.

Personal Commentary:

This work came to be as I responded to a particular request for fusion. The creator of the sprite, a deviantart user who goes by the name "Smvuy" asked if I could look through his gallery of fusions he himself had made...Hence why this fusion is of later gen Pokemon. Anyway, thanks for letting me go through your work and giving me

There were a number of interesting fusions in his gallery, but once I saw this one, I had to do it. The set up is perfect: Serperior and Gardevoire share similar colors, including the green theme and red eyes. They both have "clothing like qualities"...With Serperior, he has a high collar that leads to what looks like a robe/coat, and Gardevoire has what looks like a masquerade face and a gown/dress. Fusing the two, I saw the "lamia" as they're known in Final Fantasy. Specifically, it pretty much represents Echidna, from Greek mythology. She's the mother of creatures like the Chimera, Cerberus and Gorgons (like Medusa). I envisioned Serdevoire's green hair from Gardevoire as a Cobra's hood, continuing Serperior's snake qualities into the design.

I added Serperior's elegance where I could, so that includes the ball style "gloves", the flared up bits in the back, and fusing Gardevoire's pink chest piece with Serperior's.

So anyway, sorry for the delay in getting this out to you all! I just made a huge move from New York to Florida. I got here a little under 2 weeks ago, and I only got internet in the past week. I've been real busy, and gotta get on whole bunch of stuff, including looking for a part time job, apply to a proper university/school, and finish up some artwork, most importantly, SeeBonnyDraw stuff!

I'm going to release 2 more fusions this week, and some more as I get the time next week!


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