Echidna's Tears Picture

Image based off of the story of Echidna from Greek mythology. Her parents thought her so appaling that they locked her in a cave. She and her offsping were only allowed to live in some myths so that the great heros of the day, had something to hunt for sport.

She was the mother of :

Ladon: a many headed dragon/ serpant who guarded the golden apples of Hera (killed by Hercules, 12th task)
Hydra: Another many headed dragon, but if you cut off 1 head 2 grew back. (killed by Hercules, 2nd task)
Chimera : a beast that was half lion, half goat and had a snake for a tail ( killed by Perseus)
Othrus: Two headed dog who guarded the three headed cattle of Geryon (killed by Hercules, 10th task)
Cereberus : Three headed dog that guarded the gates to the Underworld (killed or stolen by Hercules, 11th task)
Sphnix: Creature with a human head, lioness' body, and wings of an eagle. Asked travelers riddles, killed them if they answered them wrong. (killed by Perseus)
Nemean Lion: Lion who's skin could not be pierced by sword or spear. (Killed by Hercules, 1st task)

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