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NAME Dorian Seng
NICKNAME Dino or Dina (family calls him the latter since it is more Cambodian sounding).
AGE 24

DIVISION Para Bellum
WEAPONS Fights in a Gladiatorial style called, Hoplomachus, which uses the Dory (Greek spear) and Pugio (dagger).

BIRTHDAY September 14th
HEIGHT 5'8"/172.5cm
WEIGHT 153lbs/69.5kg

+dark chocolate
+whiskey gingers
+expensive gifts
+going to the gym
+neo-jazz . hip-hop . cyber-funk
+taller men
-people who aren't genuine
-when things don't go as planned
-being called short/shorty
-undercooked meat

+can fight long distance and close quarters
+MMA experience
+strategic mind
+heavy shoulders
-acts on emotions rather than thought
-self-centered, does poorly when working as a group
-terrified of spiders and wasps
-confidence (either over-confident, or extremely diffident)
-scruffy or bearded, taller, muscular men

Loyal Dorian is one ally to have on your side, he will always have your back and never betray you. He grew up very close with his family, it's in his nature to make sure everyone on the team is in good health and are being fed. Form a close friendship bond and he will take a bullet for you, no hesitation.

Passionate Dorian loves to be a spectacle, he's a natural performer. He got into MMA fighting because he loves the adrenaline and the attention from the crowd, he takes the violent sport and turns it into performance art. He enjoys the discipline of training and likes to test his body's limits, though he goes a little overboard at times when he's trying to perfect a certain move or get in a number of reps without killing himself. He often compares himself to others that are more experienced or doing better than him and is always hard on himself due to his lack of patience. If he can't do something correctly the first time the feeling of disappointment will linger and his lowered confidence will turn into stress.

Diva When he does something right or really awesome, he goes on an ego trip. When he wins a match he wont give anyone his attention at the after party unless they come bearing gifts or drinks, cuz the after party is the Dorian party. Doesn't matter if the party was for all the contestants, if you didn't come for the Dorian party then Dorian pretty much doesn't know you exist.

Carefree He's not afraid to speak his mind or be blunt about it. When his confidence is up he's brave enough to do almost anything. If he finds you attractive he'll be pretty forward about it. He's not afraid to dance wherever he pleases, and if he gets a few drinks in him he be up on a table dancing his heart out. Or get him wasted off Long Island iced teas and he'll jump on stage and start stripping, just like at his last birthday at the gay club. He's a sensual person, comfortable in his skin and not afraid to back it up.

Dorian was born in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and only lived there until he turned 2 years old, then his family moved to the US and settled in Long Beach, California. He grew up the second youngest sibling of two sisters and one brother and has always been close with his family, even through all the petty arguments and disagreements. He attended University for a year and a half before dropping out due to financial reasons. He never figured out his major anyway. He moved back home with the family and found a part-time job and eventually started taking courses at the community college to become a fitness trainer. Later on he took a turn down the path and went into MMA training and soon began competing in matches. His parents didn't like it. But Dorian felt like a rockstar...with a black eye. He wanted to go bigger and someday become a UFC fighter.

When he wasn't training he was sitting around at home playing video games, vegging out, just general lazyness, and if he did get off the couch it was to go out clubbing with friends. The last thing he remembers about his parents was that they weren't very happy with him and they were getting into arguments so often that he avoided going home til late at night when they were asleep. His dad had gotten laid off from his job and his mom needed help with her small family restaurant. They were losing money and that's all he can remember. He wonders how they're doing now without him and is filled to the brim with guilt for being so selfish and not helping out his own family before himself.

"When I get back, I'm gonna do better."

MONSTER FORM (no drawing at the moment, will finish soon!!)
Yeak. All of Dorian's inner turmoil manifests itself into a monstrosity that takes on that of a yeak, or ogre, as seen in ancient Cambodian mythology. The yeak has long, sharp claws, roughened, somewhat scaly skin, a large, beak-like nose, razor sharp teeth, and a pair of tusks that grow upward and out of his mouth from his upper row of teeth. He wears the armor of an ancient Angkorian warrior.
The yeak is consumed with anger, frustration, and hatred. He gets drunk off of power.
WEAPON Golden ax . Very sharp claws . Uses some elements of the ancient Cambodian martial art, Bokator
+ enhanced strength
+ stamina
+ height of a grizzly bear standing (about 9-10 ft)
- over-confident
- tactless
- short-tempered
- poor aim
- slow

He is also stubborn and gets a little over dramatic.

"I am an ogre, I'll do as I wish!"

-Dorian had been training in Muay Thai and Brazillian jiu jutsu before life in the dome.
-He had no previous training in Gladiatorial combat before the dome. Perhaps this was how those two years that had been erased were spent.
-He is openly gay.
-Has the Para Bellum symbol tattooed on the back of his left hand. Both ears are stretched, wears plugs. Cartilage piercing on right ear. Left nostril pierced.
-In a controlled environment he enjoys pain. ; )

None that he can remember...

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