Water Elementals Picture

A set of 8 Water Elementals. Out of the eight possible hairstyles, I only left out one. I thought about using it, but that would have meant trying to make 10, instead of 8 just to keep things even.

I used Wikipedia and BehindTheName.com to look up the names, and all eight are either water related or taken from water nymphs and water goddesses.

As a note, Doris is the name of the mother of all sea nymphs, hence 'Queen Mother Doris', even though in mythology, Thetis was their leader. Thetis, however was also in charge of caring for sea life.


It may be hard to read their names, so here they are from left-to-right:

Top Row:
1. Coral Pearl , 2. Queen Mother Doris, 3. Maya, 4. White Mage Princess Tallulha

Bottom Row:
5. Thetis, 6. Undine, 7. Princess Virva, and 8. Yemaja
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