Lauria Marsh Picture

Name: Lauria Marsh

Age: 29

Height: 175.26 cm. (5 foot 9 in.)

Birthday: June 28th, 1985

Zodiac: Cancer

Hair Color: Purple

Eye Color: Pale Teal

Body Type: Petite Pear Shape

Fashion: Sensible, Elegant

Hometown: Cherrygrove City, Johto

Current Residence: Olivine City, Johto


Lauria was born in Cerulean City, Kanto. She was raised by her loving grandparents, Esmeralda and Laurence Marsh, in Cherrygrove City, Johto. Little is known about her father while her mother, Rebekah, went missing on a routine South America exploration when Lauria was very young. Although her grandparents didn’t have much, she was sent to be educated at the Pokémon Academy in Violet City at the age of ten. At the age of fourteen, she began working as an errand girl and intern with Professor Elm in New Bark Town. When she was sixteen, she was given her first Pokémon, a Chikorita nicknamed Demeter. Not long after, with a great deal of encouragement, she attempted the Pokémon League challenge. However, she decided to continue her studies with various academies and universities instead of challenging the Pokémon League. She is now a relatively well known Elusive Pokémon researcher. When not working, she spends her days in her old colonial home in Olivine City.


Lauria is a calm and level headed individual. While she has a remarkable presence, she oozes tranquility and peace. She can be very passive, but will not let herself be walked over. She is very light, friendly, and sweet and will not hesitate to do what is right. She is extremely comfortable in her own skin and does not startle easily, but loves to be surprised. She does nothing to hide her intelligence, but will acknowledge if she makes a mistake. She’s incredibly humble and kind.

Important Facts:

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