The Oracle Picture

This image got stuck in my head and wouldn't go away till I drew it. Right after finishing this poem came straight to mind and I almost couldn't get it down on paper. I told touchofchaos about it and he freaked and told me to look up the oracle of Delphi. yeah I remember the oracle from mythology but never seen a picture before and when I saw it I flipped. It looked just like the picture. I just now decided to finally paint it with watercolors and post it.

'The surging sea of human life forever onwards rolls.
And bears to the eternal shore its daily freight of souls.
Though you bravely sail this day and age, pale death sits at the prow.
And few shall know you ever lived a hundred years from now.
Oh mighty immortal Captain that you may be, why fiercely wage war and strive.
While God's great world has ample space for everything alive?
Abandoned villages, untouched and unclaimed, with harbors waiting for the dhow.
Life from ashes of remains shall bloom a hundred years from now.
Why should we fight so earnestly when lif'e short fragile span.
Is there just cause for your boot on the throat of your fellow man?
I may be blind but I know you're standing proudly on the deck.
Unaware that your fate is like a ball and chain around your neck.
You prize so much the world's applause but dread so much its blame.
But praise that thrills the heart kills the heart with scorn that turns to shame.
And then the fame that once fueled your ship through the ocean like a plow.
Will be a long-forgotten dream a hundred years from now.
Oh your wife's paitent hesart, who proudly bears your weary load of wrong!
Oh your firsdt mate's earnest hesrt, who bravely dares and striving grows more strong!
And your wolf struggles over lifes jagged road a hundred years from now.
You and your crew press on till perfect peace is won but you'll never dream of how.
And when your gold is rust, and ourselves be dust, remeber my words ring true.
Alone you may rule the universe, but the only survivor is you.'
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