Marcus Asemas-Rakshasa Picture

Well, Ichiko said no matter the skill, right? So here is my entry for Delphi High. Made with the invaluable help of Epona92. The original concept had one more pair of arms, but... I don't know, I thought it might be a little over the top for delphi high and removed them. Still unable to decide if it was the right choice.

Marcus Asemas
Nationality: Greek
Height:1,95 cm
Weight: 88 kg
Species: Rakshasa

<APPEARANCE>: Marcus’s face is rather creepy, complete with a scar near his left eye and black bags under both but he seems to care little about it and even makes humor of it. His body is slim and well-built. One thing he tries to keep with him at all times is his black jacket which he values highly since it was his father’s, plus it has a variety of pockets were he keeps various things with him. Other than that he has little regard on his appearance. The phrase on his shirt says “that’s who we are” (Αυτοί είμαστε), and they are lyrics from a Greek song “For whoever likes us”.

<BACKGROUND>: When he was little, Marcus was a very shy, introvert kid. He was also plagued by a very short temper and had violent oubursts when bullied too much. His life took a turn for the worst, when his father died. At that time his mother became incredibly harsh (sometimes even abusive) and his younger cousin, whom he saw as his best friend tricked him into taking the blame for one of his dirty works. This led him to accept his mother’s ideals of absolute distrust and ultimately made him a very isolated person. That changed, however, when he met a strange beggar named Pecos and eventually befriending him. With his help, Marcus got rid of his life’s burdens and learned to be more open. His first transformation happened one night when one of his former gang’s ‘comrades’ attacked them, whose leader he killed. Pecos was experienced with such things and told him about the non-humans as well as Delphi High. Since he never had any great great attachment to normalcy to begin with, Marcus took new condition very well as an improvement of himself.

<PERSONALITY>: Marcus is usually a laid-back and a bit absent-mided person. Despite this exterior, he's the kind of guy to jump into anything he finds interesting (especially if its crazy) and subsequently get fired up with it. He can also be dead serious (even cold) if his friends are in danger and has a very,VERY short fuse for asses and cheaters. With most people, he adopts a “hope for the best and prepare for the worst” thinking, being friendly and accepting, but always alert for anything suspicious underneath, making his trust especialy difficult to earn. But, once earned he will throw himself in blazes for his friends. He strongly follows the “maturing through hardship” doctorine, making him very direct sometimes and admires all forms of strength. He draws great enjoyment from good competition, especially fighting (though will never fight without reason, but has a tendency of getting a little too far with it sometimes especially against strong opponents). He gets really depressed or frustrated over wasted effort for a period of time. A worth noted trait of his is the ability to evade any unwanted conversetion by playing dumb and driving others crazy (another thing he enjoy's very very much).

Marcus likes studying ancient Greek philosophy (namely Socrates and Diogenes) and considers himself a bit of a philosopher, practicing his fighting skills and hanging out with his friends. He loves ice cream (eating it no matter the season) and meat-based dishes {naturally} and dislikes vegetable-based dishes. He also has a thing for nurses.

<RAKSHASA>:Rakshasa are demons from the Hindu Mythology, usually depicted as anthropomorphic tigers and known for their great battle prowess and bloodlust. Their powers also include shapeshifting and illusions.

<ABILITIES>: Has great strength, speed and endurance. His fighting style (unarmed or with sword, preferably two, one-handed ones) is about using any parts of his body as weapons with both strength and speed. It also tends to become wilder as the battle drags on. Also is able to cast illusions on people with eye contact, though it takes an ample amount of time and can't maintain proper images for long.
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