YOUNG Asclepius Picture

Asclepius, before he was widely famous.
He already has the Asklepian, an adaptation of the Tyresian Cane he himself found. It has Earth-based powers, capacitates cell regeneration on Tritons, Drakaina and similar species, and has much more secret powers he's still going to uncover someday.

As of now, he breaks out from his medical assitant routine to bring a bit more of a vivid life, jumping across Delphic statues and trying to develop more the Orichalcum conch on his back. Since he's a Triton, and now possesses an Orichalcum conch, he's already in the highest regards of the society, found themselves in war against the Ors Ohorela. But he's no warrior, but a healer.

However, his concerns are more local ones. His rivals are more likely the slave-lords servant to Hades, the military under Ares (who happens to be out for a war that isn't theirs) or the Cyclopes, who have a total different take on "scientifical method". Amidst the Delphic Order, his colleague, friend and rival Abaris has not yet developed a "Sekhem Weapon" as Apollo ordered them. That would make Asclepius get a place in his front on the order, since no one really know what was the Tyresian cane or how it worked. Despite keeping his "creation" being a "modification" in secret, his actions of late are enraging Hades, and this may recur even to Zeus to eliminate the fellow.

Amidst the Order, there are whispers of ill-doing of his Cyclopes in the ranks. Fellow medical assistant, the Chronpuchian Galenus, sees it a better future than to serve under Asclepius healing the hurt in battle. The end of events, however, would have Asclepius dying to be reborn (given his kratozoa), and Apollo (Asclepius' stepfather, the leader of the Order) dealing with the conspiracy. The sacrifice of the Cyclops would leave no room for the Chronpuchian in Helladeas, and Asclepius' rebirth wold be met with a lot of joy. That was not the first time he faced tragedy amidst ranks in the order, nor was when the first time when he was the cause of envy and hate from someone.
Knowing the innards of the fate of his beloved deceased ones, he'd skip the graduations of the Order and leave Helladeas.

But still, the secrets behind the Tyresian cane were revealed to him by Sophia, a Drakaina and his secret lover. He's dating Epione, a Tritoness he met on the Order, who doesn't know the affair. An affair, as well, that is deeply forbbiden, since the Drakainas are historical enemies of the Delphic Order, which in fact believe them to be a dead kind. But since he differed from Abaris on the means to create a powerful Sekhem weapon (Abaris believing it to be achieved through experimentation, while Asclepius praised more the outdoor discovering, the "epic search" idea), he went travelling across all Helladeas.
On such occasion, he found Sophia and some migrating Drakainas coming from the White Isles. She and her colleagues were nothing like the "vicious, lethal kind" the stories told them. She was searching a resting place for them, and pointed him to search what he was looking for (the Sekhem weapon) on the Island of the Blessed. But before he embarked on the journey, they stayed a bit, and he became a philosopher.

Then, they helped each other out after his return from adventure, and he believed the escaping Drakaina would manage to get along the Helladean society someday. But Apollo thought otherwise. Once these historical enemies were located, trying to seize the Omphalos and the Parnassus groves for themselves, Apollo had ordered his minions to do the dirty job and kill them. He'd have the Kratozoa spines to his Sekhem, before Asclepius could show "his creation's" true power. On the event, there were also present fellow friends of Asclepius, such as Abaris and Enki, the Anunnaki Prince. As one of the three escapees from the Djinn Academies from Ohrmuz, he found respite amidst the Delphic academy, since Apollo had interest on the Djinn and on those who studied with them. However, since Enki didn't have the real interest in staying in Helladeas, Apollo kept him under the order, on condition of otherwise giving him to Ohrmuzdian authorities should he escape from it.

But he didn't leave this without a b-plan. With help of Abaris and other Jotunn, he constructed the E-Absu in Thule, and was about to send it away into Tredius (unknown to the Order) should he re-unite a group with the intuit to colonize and admnistrate Civilizations there, on "the eternal search for knowledge". His participation in the assassination of Sophia was never known by Asclepius, who after his original "death" and eventual re-birth didn't feel at home through Helladeas or amidst the Order. Closer to the "call of chaos", he'd understand a lot better his powers and his place after he travelled with the new formed group APKALLU, never on the intent of returning to the Order. After that "graduation", he'd be finally grown to the famed medical deity he is, with only some few knowing deep down he was, first of all, a philosopher.
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