Lies' Labyrinth: Map Of Olympus Picture


So, the world setting in my book will be called “Magna Gaia”, which is literally Latin and Greek for “Great Mother of Earth” respectively [Magna –> “Great” in Latin; Gaia –> the Greek Goddess that personifies Earth, her name literally meaning “Mother of Earth” or “Mother Earth”, I suppose]. Olympus is one of the continents that exist within it – it is called the “First Continent”. Of course, you must be curious to wonder what does the second continent looks like or is like. . . huehuehue. ;3

Olympus is divided into five (5) Houses (and the colour schemes in the map and legend on the bottom left shows the types of Houses which they represent). This is the correct order in which the topmost House is considered the most classiest of all (although considering this is a Utopia, it does not represent any special status, but it does show :

  • House of Patricians – the commonplace for all government agencies; mostly consists of politicians and ministries; –
  • House of Defts – the commonplace for all innocence and docile natured people; mostly consists of teachers, philosophers and peacemakers (not cops, though); –
  • House Neophytes – the commonplace for all intelligence and higher learning; mostly consists of youths: students, explorers and inventors; –
  • House of Fortes and Merchants – the commonplace for all workforce; mostly consists of young adults: skilled at certain professions and excellent at the art of trade; –
  • House of Nimrods – the commonplace for all farming, shepherding and military agencies; mostly consists of hunters, army men (land, sea and air) and farming.

Further, Olympus is also divided into fourteen (14) Provinces (and the color schemes in the map and legend above shows just which Provinces goes to which House). They are (top being innermost and bottom being outermost):

  1. Zeus Province
  2. Hera Province
  3. Hestia Province
  4. Demeter Province
  5. Ares Province
  6. Athena Province
  7. Dionysus Province
  8. Artemis Province
  9. Apollo Province
  10. Hephaestus Province
  11. Hermes Province
  12. Aphrodite Province
  13. Hades Province
  14. Poseidon Province

Notice that I chose Zeus as the heart of Olympus while Hades and Poseidon becomes the guardian or cavalry (because they are outermost); Zeus, the Greek God, is known to rival his brothers – heck, he overthrew their parents with them. I chose his so-called wives, sisters and children to be the inbetweeners. lol XD

Hades Province is the only province that has North, South, East and West portions, mainly because they need to have access to (at least) one province of one House to deliver food rations, and it also has an ‘underground city’ (quite cliched, but it’s kind of necessary considering Hades is the Greek God of the Underworld. . .).

There is only one ocean in this world, called “Amphitrite Ocean”; the name is taken from the wife of Poseidon, a sea-goddess.

As for “Delos Strait”, it’s named after the so-called place of birth for Artemis and Apollo (hence it is named based on the way it is located).

“Gulf of Eleusis” is named after the mythology of Demeter, where she kind of instructed a King to built a temple for her there; “Gulf of Delphi” is taken after the myth that “Delphi” is thought to be the centre of the Earth (the gulf reaches towards Zeus province via the “Omphalos River” (this is thought to be the navel of Gaia the goddess), which can’t be seen in the map – Zeus province is the hub and centre of all the Continent’s (or Country’s) activities).

“Paestum Bay” is the other name of a place called “Poseidonia” (which is pretty obvious why I chose this name. . . ._.).

Thalassa Sea” is the name of a pre-Olympian Greek goddess that represents the sea – she is considered to be replaced by Amphitrite. “Pontus Sea” is the name of a pre-Olympian Greek god of the sea – he is considered to be replaced by Poseidon. I aptly chose both to become Seas instead of Oceans because they are considered older and outdated versions of Greek gods. lol

So this is the world I created. . .

At least now you all know the nature of my characters!

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