#2 - Death - Sleep Picture

"Forget thyself and thou shalt find thy peace"

Beyond the caves under Omphalos, there was a realm to which Old Drakaina Python was confined, or at least the dead remnants of her. Delphi as an order inherited from the previous Themisian order and ultimately from the Pelasgean Melissai Nymphes the power to see through Daimobia, chemosynthetical beings which kept the world in the manner as was Hesperia – a timeless zone of the golden age. Something went wrong, and the underworld began to spread its mists – the arms of death, the veil of night and the smoke of darkness into the surface.

Few ventured on the underworld beyond the mining boundaries of Acheron, and even less returned from it. Initiatory cults and Tritons seeking to complete their Orichalcum conches travelled from the caves, and believing to be drawing from light, were led to rest – as spines, locked to their own bodies – and succumb
ed to death. Rest was stronger than any cause.

Our pilgrim must learn how to fight the temptation of rest, the passive principle, and he must awake from the sleep. Reason, Wisdom, the guiding antidote to the viciousness, is just the justaposition of themselves – the very cause and objective of negligence.

Beyond Lethes, there lies the realm of Hypnos. Few, like Orpheus and the cult that followed him (an offshoot of the Delphic Order which existed on a representative crisis of the Oracles) have located the Mnemosyne pool on it, and being a pure reservoir of filtered water, absent of streams, it is the main focus to proceed to the next caverns ahead...

However, Hypnos may change to his bronze-heart counterpart when tests become innofensive to the seeker. Violent death, systematic death, sweet death may be result of a misguided travel on a maze.

As a serene and peaceful realm, this signifies that there can't be ultimate peace - as long as silence and hush seize the cries for help, those who support peace support tyranny and oppression. The only peace there is is death, the peace of the status quo is the death of those who are excluded from it.

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