Ancient Greece - Panhellenic Games Picture

There were 4 main Panhellenic games. The most important and most famous were the Olympics at Olympia in Elis, which was every four years. Those games were to celebrate Zeus. Then it would Pythian games in Delphi, which is in Phocis. Those games were for Apollo, and they to we're every four years. The Olympics were one year and then two years later it was the Pythian games, then two years the Olympics game, and so on.

The two "lesser" games were The Nemean games, in Nemea, which is in Corinthia. Those were a celebration for Zeus. Then in the city of Corinth was the Isthmian Games for Poseidon. Both of these gam are every two years.

Woman weren't allowed to percipient or watch either of these games... I can't find a source saying that priestesses could watch either, so to my knowledge not even priestesses watched the games. The last part of the comic is making fun of how much Spartan woman were different then woman in the rest of Greece. The woman of the rest of Greece were those classic 50s wives, doing whatever to please the man. Spartan woman weren't on parr with the men of Greece, but they were still better off then the rest of Greek woman. So, Laconia is completely confused that they would cook for the men. She would never cook for the men, she'll have someone else do it for her.

One of the reasons that woman were treated so unequally... Which really confuses me why Hidekaz Himaruya would ever make Ancient Greece woman. Woman were treated so badly! ... Was that woman didn't fight in wars. Ancient Greece was a very militaristic cultural. In Athens, only men that could be in army were allowed to vote. The whole mentally is if you're going to die fighting for your polis, you can have some privileges. It's not as easy to see this in the mythology... Since Athena and Artemis seem like independent woman... But you can see it. The relationship between Apollo and Artemis, Artemis will "submit" to her brother, well him and Zeus are the only ones she'll do that too; and Athena and Zeus, it's the same deal. Then Atlanta! That's the worst, she was that classic independent woman, strong-willed and loved to do more male things, but then she gets married and she's the perfect submissive wife.

Anyway, here's the comic on the Panhellenic games. And the introduction of Argos (with a none speaking role), Phocis and Lesbos
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