Gretz Picture

For #Traditional-Manga's contest :] We had to pick ONE color and make a picture using different hues of that one color. Blue was an option, but I chose green because I've done a lot of blue things lately. Haha.

Anyway, I drew Greta because I always associate the color green with her because she's the oracle in my and ~PhoenixHero05's story~

I found some super awesome Copic tutorials, can you tell? I'm rather impressed with myself, honestly. It took me forever to figure out a decent background. I hope it's not too lame TT__TT how do you people think of these random backgrounds? seriously? haha.

Wish me luck in the contest!!! :]]

Greta © Mandy Gamache
No using or distributing without permission!

.5 mech pencil, Aquabee Manga paper, Copic/Prismacolor markers, white gel pen, pan pastels, Photoshop CS3 for changing the lineart color and some minor editing.

From start to finish this picture probably took me around 8 hours which is the longest I've ever worked on a marker piece!
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