The Sun v.2 Picture

I did some research into some of the different sun deities (ex: Apollo, Helios, Sol, etc.) during the weekend and I was able to get some more ideas to incorporate into the design of my Sun character for the story "The Seven Ravens". Wikipedia is a great on-line source for research and I highly recommend it. It usually has good information in its articles along with images sometimes that can be top notch, especially when looking up artwork, like the classics (ex: Caravaggio).

The pauldrons I am pleased with. They use the sun face like in my initial design, but I also made them into sundials, which I modeled after the giant stone sundial at the Ephesus Museum in Turkey. I also used the Triskelion triple spirals on his chestplate, which will interweave with eachother kind of like Celtic knots. Also the shoe part of the boots are made to look like the carved Roman marble columns, this being an allusion to the Colossus of Rhodes (supposedly it stood on a giant marble pedastal) just as one of the number of extra tidbits of this character's design. I like to do this both because I find it amusing and I'd like to think that if someone caught these it would give them one of those "eureka" moments, kind of an ego booster to make you feel smart.

Anyway, the last thing that I'll go into detail on is the egg-shaped pendant hanging from his neck. It's a representation of the Omphalos stone in Delphi with the mythical Python wrapped around it (I included a more detailed, enlarged sketch of it next to him), which of course relates to the mythology of Apollo. Anyway, I figured that it would be made out of terra cotta because Python was an earth dragon, the clay was sun-baked in early cultures, and terra cotta is a reddish colour which seems appropriate for the sun. It kind of reminds me a bit of the Behelit from the Berserk anime/manga loosely. Also, I got the inspiration for this from "Omphalos" by
Keep watching for more story sketches to come.
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