Apollo Picture

"From all the important titles laid at the feet of Apollo (Απόλλων), you can see the Greeks thought very highly of him. He is called the 'most Greek of all the gods.' He, above all others, represented the ideal man: handsome, athletic, intelligent, talented, and good. His twin sister is Artemis, Goddess of the Moon. Over time, Apollo came to replace the Greek god Helios as God of the Sun as well. The lyre is Apollo's instrument, as he is the master musician. Apollo's tree is the laurel. A wreath of laurels was awarded in Greece to those who won a contest of poetry. Apollo's oracle in Delphi was the most reliable and the most popular."
– Paraphrased from MythologyTeacher, [www.mythologyteacher.com/Galle…

Credit where it's due, to AzaleasDolls, [azaleasdolls.com/warrior.html]

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