AGAFG 69 Picture

The ancient Greeks lacked a priesthood as the modern world understands the term, since the religious and secular spheres were not sharply divided. Priests and priestesses existed to care for temples and sacred property and to conduct the proper rituals, but not to make religious rules or doctrines. To be a priest or a priestess was usually not a full-time job but was often combined with other duties. They usually didn't live in the temples and I think that most of them had normal family lives (Apollon's priestess at Delphi was supposed to be celibate for life, though).

Melito is living together with a widow named Phrasicleia who probably runs a more or less self-sufficient household. She's just slightly older than Melito, but since she has a son, she sees no reason to marry again (that is, she enjoys being in charge). Phrasicleia was impressed by Melito's wilfulness and let her stay with her. They're good friends (maybe even more than friends, but that doesn't matter for this story).
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