Aidone Aeolus Spritesheet Picture

Note: I did not add the wings because I have either
a) not thought of a design
b) have not figured out how to draw wings for godtier properly

Aidone Aeolus

Meaning of Name:
Aidone - taken from Aidoneus - a divine name in which air was identified by
Aeolus - the God and Ruler of Winds in Greek mythology

Title: Mage of Breath
The Mage of Breath knows all there is to know about the wind. They can predict incoming storms, both physical and metaphorical, and cannot be blown off track.

Age: 7.4 Alternian Solar Sweeps ( 16 Earth years )

Gender: Male

Trollhandle: tranquilCollector

Blood color: Olive

Lusus: Similar to a dove - wispy tail feathers

Quirk: Speaks in a light....and spaced....out tone. Will use }{ for h/H.

Strife Specibi: Swordkind

Fetch Modus: TBA


???? - Ancestor

????? - Dancestor

Aphrit Delphi - Matesprit

Planet: Land of Wind and Fog


Aidonesprite was prototyped by Aphrit using Aidone's body and her lusus' sprite.
He has no obvious features of the previous sprite ( Aphrit's dolphin lusus ), but he will tend to let out a dolphin squeak every now and again. This is unintentional and does not seem to be controllable.

Personality and other information


Aidone Aeolus (c)
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