Daddy's Girl 55 Picture

This was one of the pages that I actually considered to cut out from the story, since I thought that the information given here maybe wasn't that necessary for the reader to know. Then I realized that it demonstrates Zeus's and Athena's different outlook on mankind pretty good (and how far Zeus is willing to go to gain power).

And, yes, the priestesses at Dodona interpretated the rustling of the oak-leaves to determine the god's will and what actions that should be taken. It was a very important oracle and considered second only to the oracle at Delphi.

Zeus's consort at Dodona was said to be Dione, though, and not Themis. But Themis was certainly a prophetic goddess and I've read that she was believed to have presided over the most ancient oracles before they were taken over by male gods. The oracle at Delphi was said to originally have belonged to Gaia and then Themis and then it was given to Apollon. Likewise, the oracle at Dodona seems to have belonged to a goddess from the very beginning.
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