DJ Tamaradje Picture

*Pant, pant* So many drawings, so little time XD

So next on the list is DJ Tamaradje (this is not his original name, he changed it to that when he immigrated to America)

DJ's a pimp. And he's pretty hardcore. Got very much into rap and hip-hop, bein' all gangsta and stuff . . . He's got a good heart, but sometimes he puts up an act to look cool in front of other people, which usually means acting like a jerk in front of his friends. They put up with his pimp-ish behavior because he knows how to have a good time.


Born in a tiny South African villiage, where humans and non-humans lived in peace and harmony (awwww.) When DJ was ten, a powerful shaman, like, a real shaman with REAL magic powers, prophesized that he was posessed with the spirit of the great antelope (aka the gemsbok). You see, in Africa, the shamans believed that being able to turn into a nonhuman was a very special gift from Mother Earth, and that it was a way of the earth showing that the person was very "in" with nature. Non-humans were highly honored in DJ's town, and of course when DJ heard the shaman tell him he was possessed by an "animal spirit," he was extremely happy. A few days later, he turned by going through the magic rite that transforms non-humans back into their natural forms, and there was a great celebration, because the townspeople took DJ's turning as a sign from the Gods of prosperity.
When DJ was fourteen, his distant uncle wished to bring him to America to be "civilized" (it wasn't exactly as if DJ was a barbaric savage or anything. Quite the contrary actually) So DJ moved to America with his uncle and he was pissed when he learned he couldn't turn into his gemsbok form. But DJ instantly fell in love with the new word and quickly adapted, often forgetting his village's practices to learn the ways of modern America He became a huge fan of hip-hop and rap and loves to be a disk jockey as a profession (it's rumored that's how he got his name, but he refuses to say so)
His uncle enrolled him into Delphi, where he met Jasmine, Jason, Chris, and Angie, and they became friends. Sometimes the guys get a little annoyed with DJ trying too hard to act cool, but they're loyal to him. DJ is of course thankful he is someplace where he can be in his natural form. Jason has yet to tell him the truth about non-humans (that being a non-human wasn't a gift from Mother Earth representing your good standing with nature) but DJ's really long and really sharp horns are motive enough to keep his mouth shut.

I had to change his last name. Now he has a cool last name! Points if you recognize it!
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