E is for Eurynomos Picture

Name: Eurynomos
Area of Origin: Greece

Eurynomos was the demonic Greek personification of rotting and decay; the dead that pass on to the underworld have their skin, muscles and inside stripped and eaten by him, leaving only the bones. Eurynomos is either a minor figure whose associated works of literature and art have been lost to time or is an invention by the painter, Polygnotos. The sole piece concerning Eurynomos is a lost painting by Polygnotos, where it depicts him as very human-like. The character from the painting was described as having blue-ish black skin, like that of meat-flies, and is seated with his teeth showing. In this sole piece, the figure was sitting on a hide of vulture's skin, but other interpretations have given him a cape made out of vultures. A demon called 'Eurynome' appears in Collin De Plancy's famous Dictionnaire Infernal, and is very similar; Eurynome has a cape made of vulture hide, and his diet consists of corpses. There was also apparently a statue or mural depicting Eurynomos in Delphi, which has been lost to time as well. This evidence suggests that the demon was more prominent and not just an invention by Polygnotos.
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