Christopher Browning- OLD Picture

And next on the list is Christopher Browning! Likes to go by "Chris," though.

He's a pretty decent guy and is nice in general, but has a tendency to become really cocky and stuck up. He has been playing basketball since he was five years old and loves the sport to death. Basketball is his life. But of course he is sure to make room for studying because he needs to have good grades to get a scholarship to a Big Ten school (which has been his dream since he heard the word "college") But one day, when he was sixteen and an official driver for, oh, about three minutes, he was visited at home by a representative from Delphi High School and offered him enrollment. Obviously Chris has never heard of the school and is quite fine with his current high school, thank you very much. Then the rep told him he was actually a centaur, which Chris rolled out of his chair, laughing his ass off at. And whaddya know, he turned into a centaur!
Chris eventually accepted the offer after he calmed down after his hysterical freak-out. And of course, his parents were RIGHT THERE at the time, and they know, too. They're not very happy, let's just say that.
Chris tries to take all of this into stride and learns to cope with his new secret. He doesn't have a very good handle over his transformations and goes to Delphi in hopes of learning how to effectively control his transformations so he can go on to college without worrying about anyone discovering his secret. The smallest hints of anger or any other strong emotions can trigger the change, and his transformations are VERY VERY AWKWARD. Not painful, but just AWKWARD.

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