Delphi High fan chacter Picture

Name: Cody Woodward
Age: 21 (Is very young lookin' so most people mistake his age)
Height: 5' 8"(human); 8 feet tall 16 feet long(non-human)
Eye color: Brown(human); Brown with red sclera(non-human), Snakes eyes are red
Nationality: U.S.A.
Creature: Hell hound (Cerberus type)
Personality: Cody is an odd but likeable guy. He's a philosophical and laid back kind of guy so some people misunderstand what he says or think he's lazy when he's done with something and not doin' anything. Cody likes fightin' as he does boxin' and various other hand to hand combat. When not in the ring he can be found readin' a book, playin' a game, or relaxin' some where lost in thought. He doesn't hunt or hurt animals without reason as he's a vegetarian.(Not a vegan.)

Bio: The first time he changed happened a few weeks after he turned 21 when he was out in the woods. Though painful he wasn't freaked out by the change but the exact oppisite. He never really fit in with most people and now he knew why. Though a little disorientated from the extra senses he soon learned how to manage. A while after changin' it occured that he didn't now how to change back and even if he did all his clothes were shreded from the change. It wasn't long after that some cops showed, he tried to hide at first but they said they were there to help. Hesitent he eventual came out. They seemed a little surprised by his size as one of them commented on how big he was. When he tried to speak he had trouble as it came out as barks. One of the officers told him to stop talkin' for a second and then the officer changed as well. Havin' read much on mythology he knew what the officer had changed into. The officer stood before him as a manitcore. Then the officer said in a boomin' voice to repeat what he had said. After explainin' on what had happened and what he truely was Cody asked what he was to do. The officer walked him through on how to change back and got him a blanket to cover himself up with. The officers took him back to the staion to get him registered and to get him some clothes. After gettin' registered and dressed he was told that he could go to a school called Delphi High to learn how to change without rippin' his clothes and be around other non humans like himself. After thinkin' it over for abit he decided to attend the school.

Abilities: When he changes into his hell hound form he grows two more heads and a snake for a tail (a rarity in hell hounds), he retains his personality for all the heads but has trouble talkin' at times with only one as he has three mouths.His tail doesn't have a mind of it's own or talk, it's acts as an extra set of eyes and ears so as to warn him of danger. He has an amazin' sense of smell as well as great amounts of strength and speed. Also his body gives off heat and even produces fire along the back of his necks and tail when he wants.(When producin' flames his body burns hotter.)
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