Delphi High Contest Entry Picture

Aidan Leigh
16 Years old
5’7”, 147 lbs.
Amphithere Form: 15 ft from tip of nose to tip of tail. 10 ft wingspan. Feathery tail and feathered wings. Skin is scaly but covered with very small, fine feathers. Coloration: Various shades of blue and some green.
Aidan came from a small town where he knew almost everyone. His parents’ names are Daniel and Rachelle Leigh. He has an older sister named Wendy, who is 21 and away at college, and a younger sister named Amy, who is 11. None of his family knew about any of them having anything magical or mythological about their ancestry. Aidan learned about it when he suddenly turned into an amphithere while taking a walk in the woods near his home to try and clear his head. Hancock, who had been looking for him, soon found him after hearing him scream and he was told all about what was happening.
Aidan enjoys sports, especially soccer, and was the goalie of his school’s soccer team. He is an average student with fairly good grades. His worse subjects are chemistry and biology and his best subject is English. He enjoys reading and writing, especially horror stories, which his family finds odd, as he is very squeamish and can’t sit through most horror movies. He looks up to authors like Stephen King and would one day like to be a horror writer. He enjoys cooking, but is a horrible cook and should not be allowed near a kitchen, no matter what he says.
After getting used to it, Aidan actually began to like his amphithere form. However, he decided against telling his family about it, not wanting them to freak out. He at times can be a little proud because of his athletic skills and of his amphithere form’s appearance (he is particularly happy that his feathers and scales are mostly blue, his favorite color) and thinks he’s really handsome in that form. He does know that he can at times act a little too proud, and has been trying (with very little success) to stop.
Most of the time, Aidan is kind and laid back. However, when he really gets into something, he’s really passionate about it and generally won’t back down. For someone who loves horror stories, he is easily frightened, and can easily let off a high-pitched, earsplitting screech (which is actually a result of his amphithere heritage). Aidan thinks highly of family and is really close to his.
Aidan normally wears glasses. He will only wear contacts when playing soccer so that he doesn’t break his glasses (he doesn’t like contacts). He normally wears blue jeans, a plain T-shirt, and a pair of blue and white sneakers. He has blue eyes and black hair. After his first transformation some of his hair turned blue, but he just told everyone (including his family) that he dyed it himself, as he had already been planning to do so anyway just to try something different.

Horror Novels
The Color Blue
The Discovery Channel
The Food Network
Chicken Alfredo
Cooking (he doesn’t seem to get that he’s a bad cook)
Forensic/Crime Shows (Law & Order, CSI)
English Class
Rock Music (Every Kind)
His Family

Most Horror Movies
Rap Music
Contact Lenses
Thunder/Very Loud Noises (Hurts his ears)
Badly Written Books
People Who Give Up Easily/ Don’t Even Try
A Story About Aidan: [link]
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