Danae Picture

Ahhh finally I get to civilization and a good scanner.

Zeus visits Danae in her underground palace. I am currently obsessed with the Perseides and other parts of Greek mythology, but mainly this linage of heroes. Most of the legends gravitate around this family anyway, since it is Zeus mortal family and Heracles is one of them.
Looking through Danae's history I have totally changed my vision on many aspects in Greek mythology, particularly on Hera. I, like most people I guess, have always seen her as a jealous wife that is to weak to punish the one that is truly guilty for her humiliation, but get this: she doesn't punish Danae in any way, nor Perseus; mother and son never suffered because of her; she never withdrew her blessing from Danae's kin, she even gave it again when Perseus married Andromeda. Maybe she felt pity for Danae that was denied any life by her father, locked in an underground palace with only a mean old woman in attendance, and especially denied love, the very blessing of her kin, or maybe she just felt that this blessed people had to come into the world.
But I can talk about my observations and opinions all day, making this the longest description in DA's history, so I should stop.

Thanks a lot to SenshiStock for the reference:

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