Ikarus Picture

..cum puer audaci coepit gaudere volatu
deseruitque ducem caelique cupidine tractus
altius egit iter.rapidi vicinia solis
mollit odoratas, pennarum vincula, ceras;
tabuerant cerae: nudos quatit ille lacertos,
remigioque carens non ullas percipit auras,
oraque caerulea patrium clamantia nomen
excipiuntur aqua, quae nomen traxit ab illo.


..when the boy started to enjoy the dangerous flight, seperated from his guide, attracted by the longing for the sky, he took a higher way. The closeness of the glowing sun made the fragrant wax, then ribbon of feathers, soft.
The wax was melted. He waved the nude arms, and as he had no longer a flying machine, he can't touch air, and his mouth, which shouts the fathers name, is absorbed by the blue water, which has got its name from him.

Translated the german translation i did in latin classes into english.. Made if even worse, probably.. xD

Anyways, I somehow stick to this guy.. It's one of my favourites from Ovid, and I already have done many scribbles of Icarus falling.
This one was, however, rather a random product:
I attemped to redo the Holmes/Watson picture, but wasn't happy. So I spread water and random colors all over the paper and put some salt on it, to use it at least as an experiment.
Wonderful patterns showed themselfes, and after staring at them for a few minutes I found Icarus in the sea. To add the rest was an hours work.
So the painting shows Icarus' flight described in the text above.
Not sure if I should like it (I'm not a too big fan of the wet-in-wet effect), but anyway it's rather colorful.
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