Yggdrasil Picture

Since the daunting task of properly coloring this is going to take a while, here's the preliminary sketch - Yggdrasil, the world tree of Norse mythology, Khursinhi, both the planet and the mother tree of the renjiri, Ke'Kexec, the xarsian tree leading to the three moons of the afterlife. All were based on some inherited racial memory passed down from the anaji, and here the real thing makes itself to Takisi Garden for the first time. So huge it floats in space and actually gains sustenece from latching its roots onto planets and dragging them into the wormhole realm that it lives in, Yggdrasil reveals itself to Takisi Garden by taking root in the new Daedalus colony between the Coratis Sector and the tokin territories, ripping the entire planet from its home system. Luckily the planet is barely colonized, as the mere impact of the gargantuan roots on the planet does irreparable damage, and would virtually destroy any civilization upon the surface. This is one big tree here - yes, those are mountains being dwarfed by those roots, and that big part of the tree in the distance - it's a root of the main plant too. I believe it's a relatively original idea, and I'm still stumped as to how exactly the heroes of my story (some of whom get trapped on Daedalus when Yggdrasil grabs it) are going to circumvent the great tree from ensnaring their homeworlds, planets with billions of lives upon them.
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