Wayland's Valkyrie Picture

For shame, Pablo! For shame! You uploaded a picture without research. I forget the name of Wayland's Valkyrie, but here is the tale as I remember it.

There once was a smith named Wayland, no finer craftsman had Teutonic land ever seen. He lived in the service of a king who had daughters. And the king like many was a tyrant. So time went on and Wayland fell in love. He fell in love with a lass who happened to be a Valkyrie. It was the classic story of doomed love. He planned to elope but the king had him hamstrung. In the end, Wayland got his revenge by sleeping with the king's daughters and flying away on wings made of their tendons... he was that hardcore. But that's not the point!

The point is that the face is loosely based on my Ex's and the story made me think. It made me glad that I've never raped anyone, among other things. It also made me wonder if this is where the Skvadern came from. Probably not.

The other point is to in a way totally unapparent without explanation, challenge a stereotype an astronomically small number of people would "get." I wanted to make a "French looking" Valkyrie. The French, while in posessin of a Romantic language, are the stock, largely speaking, of Teutonic tribes. The term French, unless my studies have been completely in vain, comes from a type of war-axe, just as the second part of my own hyphenated racial designation comes from a weapon called "Seax." Anywho. It is often assume that the French are Mediterranean, because their language is currently closer in syntax to Italian... or more accurately the Latin which gave them both shape. Why this seeming nonsense is important to me because I am a Folkish. Have been since most of the time I can remember. The French, before Latinisation, closely resembled the old English and other Teutons. They would have had their own versions of the same basic Asatru myths and legends. We know a little bit about what would have been. For instance, Woden would have been Wuotan, if memory serves.

Also. I live in Maine. In Maine it is fashionable for Mainers to dislike and be suspicious of the French. I like the French. I think they're neat. Even the cranky Canucks. I'd offer a conciliatory "bro-fist" if I didn't think it would hurt my pride.

For the bored or inquisitive, this picture was done in ink; gel, ball and permanent. The permanent red marker fumes may have made me loopy.
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