OCA: Melpomene Picture

Name Melpomene
Age 24 (??/??)
Gender Does anybody care? (they/them)
Species Chimera

Form Staff
Grade/Role Head of Maths

Strong Subjects
+ Maths
+ Mythology
+ History
Weak Subjects
- Languages
- Horticulture
- Hospitality

Alkeides ("Lion") is gentle and caring, but also has a tendency to use their size and voice to their advantage, scaring away threats from their friends in an almost Papa Wolf way. Can throw a good punch, but would rather not, just in case it hits too hard or someone gets in the way
Bracchus ("Goat") is very snappy and witty, full of good comebacks and a surprisingly level temper. Likes to snark people out rather than use violence, and the bark is definitely worse than the bite if out of their depth, as they'll resort to threats about Dragon kinda like how kids go "I'll set my big brother on you"
Circe ("Dragon") is short-tempered and violent towards people they deem a threat, but a kinda older brother to any friend (in that way where brothers are kinda assholes to each other but will always back each other up). Loves to swear, always 100% ready to fight
Daedalus ("Snake") is clever and cunning, forming complex strategies to get things done in the best way possible. A sucker for revenge plans and winning strategy games. Frequently complains about lacking hands, but can use a joystick with their mouth

Fire Breath
Melpomene can breathe fire

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