Talos Design Sketches Picture

Character designs for the title protagonist (antagonist?) of my comic short "The Life and Death of Talos the Bronze", which originally appeared in the 2008 anthology "Iconic" ([link]).

Talos is literally a man made of bronze - a sort of magical automaton built by the god Hephaestus (alternatively, by the mortal inventor Daedalus), to guard the island of Crete for the always controversial King Minos.

"Talos The Bronze" takes that particular chapter from the "Jason and the Argonauts" saga, and humorously tells it from the bronze giant's perspective. The short story is also a slight tribute to the 1963 film version of tale, which featured stop-motion effects by the great Ray Harryhausen, and is probably one of my all time favorite movies ever.

Giant monster related AND otherwise.


Originally, my version of Talos was going to be based directly on the original myths, with him being a very youthful, handsome looking humanoid, but abandoned the idea for a more fearsome, armored sentry. I should also note that Talos, although larger than a regular man, was never the extreme Godzilla-style heights that Ray Harryhausen portrayed him as in the 1963 film. And similarly, I found a middle ground between the two extremes in almost all facets for my Talos' finalized appearance, shown in the comic samplings below.

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