Blue Wing Icarus Picture

Since Deviantart wouldnt just let me update my other deviation... have another -__- His description goes as follows

This is an OC of mine. His name is Icarus, everyone just calls him Ica for short.

Icarus is a human boy, he is the son of one of the 3 great scientists known as Daedalus. Icarus hated his father for being distant to Icarus, he always expected so much from Icarus only to be disappointing. Before Daedalus left for his "trip" he left Icarus a key to a bunker at the bottom of Icarus' house, but Icarus wasnt able to open it until his 15th birthday. When he finally opened the bunker at the end of part 1 he found a Genome Shard of an unknown level.

Icarus is also part of Team Kokuro, a rebel team ran by Tirus (p1 and p2) and Tetsu (p3-p7) making him a "rebel". Icarus is also a racer, he loves to race in his custom built speed pod. He often participates in illegal pod races, getting him in trouble with the Galactic Government further increasing his bounty.

Icarus' weapon is a Genome shard his dad designed for him, it contains a "charge" of spirit energy that Icarus can use for attacks. He recharges the weapon by absorbing other spirit energy. His Genome Shard also gives him access to 4 different types of spirit power. Acid, Fire, Water and Lightning. He can use these different elements for different attacks. However when he absorbs enough spirit energy he is then able to "shift gears". A short handle will shoot out of his wrist which Icarus can shift into a gear to unleash a powerful form. Using these different "Gears" along with His ability to change element. Icarus has a wide range of forms he can use to battle his opponent.

The forms go as following

Base - This is Icarus' base form.

Genome shard (Neutral) - This is icarus after he unlocks his Genome shard. A large watch like armor piece forms around Icarus left arm allowing his to absorb spirit energy. (Base, Acid, Fire, Water, Lightning)

1st Gear - Icarus' first gear causes blades to form on each arm and each leg along with short blades on his ears. This is Icarus' most used form. (Base, Acid, Fire, Water, Lightning)

Reverse Gear - Icarus can shift into "reverse" to get a defensive form where a shield forms around his left arm. (Base, Acid, Fire, Water, Lightning)

2nd Gear - When Icarus shifts into 2nd he gains cannons on each arm. (Base, Acid, Fire, Water, Lightning)

3rd gear - when Icarus shifts into 3rd he gains a large sword on his left arm. (Base, Acid, Fire, Water, Lightning)

4th gear- when Icarus shifts into 4th he gains a spear like weopon he can hold. (Base, Acid, Fire, Water, Lightning)

5th gear - when Icarus shifts into 5th he gains large blades on his feet. (Base, Acid, Fire, Water, Lightning)

6th gear - Icarus can shift into a 6th gear, the gear not appearing normally however. in this gear he gains blades pretty much all over his body. (Base, Acid, Fire, Water, Lightning)

7th gear - Icarus can shift into a 7th gear by breaking his gear. Large blades form everywhere similar to gear 6th but this time he holds 2 thin blades. this is his strongest gear. (Base, Acid, Fire, Water, Lightning)

Turbo gear - Icarus can unleash his "turbo" in which he gains a very powerful form. However the only attribute is Base.

Icarus' name comes from the tale of Icarus and Daedalus from greek mythology. Icarus is based off an irl friend of mine named Ian. His powers are based of that of a Manual car or stick shift car. This also goes with his love for racing, as Ian is a fan of cars and racing.

His powers are also based off of the "style change" feature in megaman battle network 2 and 3. I loved these games growing up and always thought it was a rad idea. Im thinking of giving Icarus even more forms, something along the lines of the "Beast out" from Megaman BN 6 but we will see.
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