Neo Genesis Advent - Theta Daedalus Bio Picture

Okay, so i know NGA is still far from being released, but i decided i will show you a Prerelease of one of my more favorite NGK of NGA. It's okay, it's only one of the may still yet to come.

Queen of the Seven Seas

Overall Info
Theta is very Masochistic and also enjoys others pain. Like Beta, Theta enjoys devouring others, though unlike Beta, Theta only enjoys the act of devouring someone, and not the nourishment.

Theta - The Maroon Serpent (They-Tah)
Theta is a Maroon colored Naga with Yellow Fins. She is Masochistic and is ironically a Lesbian, though she doesn't often express her feelings aside the lust for giving and recieving pain. Due to the corrupted alterations to her DNA, She doesn't have digestive organs, and must voluntarily vomit in order to relieve the strain to her stomach. The fin on her head makes her look like she has a Mohawk. Her insignia is "Θ" or "Theta", the 8th letter in the Greek Alphabet.

Ultimate Phenomena Θ Daedalus
When Theta transforms into her Ultimate Phenomena, she becomes a very intimidating Leviathan. She only enters her UP form when she has taken enough pain, and is ready to unleash some.

Like the other NGK in Neo Genesis Advent, i didn't really plan the UPs ahead of time, so Theta looks nothing like the Kaiju her DNA is based on, Titanosaurus. Originally, Theta was going to be Male and have a pesonality like a mixture of Sigma and Gamma. Later on, while revolutionizing the NGK into more varied forms, Theta was given a Naga-Like appearance. A Naga is a serpent deity in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. After being chosen to be a Naga, the gender was changed to Female. Her UP name - Daedalus - is a reference to the head that is used on the UP, which is of a Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster named Levia-Dragon - Daedalus.
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