Daedalus Picture

Whoo! First ever Vortian! Took me quite a few tries to get him looking like I wanted.

Yes, I have a thing for greek mythology, hahah!

He's a vortian inventor but is forced to work as a repairman on the Massive. He often builds things in his spare time. When he first began working on the massive he had his son with him as well. They secretly built a ship to escape, but the plan failed and ended up with his son dead.
He turned bitter and venemous, even when his Nephew was captured and made his new assistant. In his anger and grief for losing his son, he 'accidentally' killed his nephew by making him walk into a deep pit full of gears.
He feels guilty about it now- the Irkens will not let him have another assistant.

Trying out another new coloring style, tell me what you think! It's all so shiny..
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